Joseph P. Roberson Foundation

Founded: October 1, 1991

About the JP Roberson Foundation

Funding Care Until There’s A Cure

The Joseph P. Roberson Foundation is a tax exempt, non-profit organization 
under the IRS Tax Code 501(c)(3). The Foundation helps fund the HD Nurse at the UC Davis Medical Center Huntington’s Disease Clinic in Sacramento, California, through an annual grant.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support clinical care for families affected by Huntington’s disease.


Joe Roberson started his Foundation in 1991 shortly after being diagnosed with Huntington’s disease. His vision was to create a specialized HD clinic at UC Davis where people with HD could find the care and support they need to help navigate their long, tough journey with Huntington's disease. The mission of his Foundation is fulfilled with an annual grant to the Huntington’s Disease Clinic at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento; the JPRF helps fund the Huntington's disease nurse’s salary. The HD nurse’s role is to care for Huntington’s disease patients through clinical care and clinical research.

The UC Davis HD Clinic has been directed by Dr. Vicki Wheelock since 1997; she is a neurologist and movement disorder specialist. Dr. Wheelock energized the clinic and enthusiastically expanded its services; she hired Terry Tempkin, RN, ANP in 1998 and their clinic grew to caring for over 650 patients. In 2001, their clinic was granted the coveted status as an HDSA Center of Excellence, the first in N. California. Additionally, the clinic is a leading site of the Huntington Study Group (HSG), which allows patients to participate in HD studies and trials, the first site in N. California. The State of California designated the UC Davis HD Clinic as a GHPP (Genetically Handicapped Persons Program) site, which allows funding for people with genetic diseases to access clinical care, the first site in N. California. In addition to taking care of adults with HD, the UCD HD clinic is taking care of children with the rare juvenile form of HD called JHD; this is the first JHD clinic in N. California. There have been so many firsts! We're grateful to Dr. Vicki Wheelock and to Terry Tempkin. Terry retired after 18 years in 2016; she made a lasting contribution to UC Davis and to the HD community.

The UC Davis HD Center of Excellence is now the largest HD clinic in the US.
Besides neurologists Dr. Vicki Wheelock and Dr. Sasha Duffy, their team of experts include a nurse, psychiatrist, genetic counselor, social worker and physical therapist. This team approach provides the best care possible for the person affected with Huntington’s disease.
There are several clinical trials and studies taking place, and in conjunction, the UC Davis Stem Cell Program directed by Dr. Jan Nolta is working on potential stem cell therapies for HD and JHD.

Although Joe and other members of his family have died from HD, his vision of caring for people with HD lives on through the work of his Foundation. Your tax-deductible gift ensures that this vital clinical care continues, and because the Foundation is run by volunteers and has no office or staff, 100% of your donation is used to fund the clinic. Thank you for your generous donation!
Tax ID#: 94-3148459

Contributions may also be sent to:

The Joseph P. Roberson Foundation

6975 Warbler Way, Sacramento, CA 95831
Tax ID#: 94-3148459
                                                              UC Davis Huntington's Center of Excellence Clinic Team

                                                                             JPRF Annual Meeting 2013
                                                                         (Two members were not present for the picture)

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