Joseph P. Roberson Foundation

Founded: October 1, 1991

About the JP Roberson Foundation

Funding Care Until There’s A Cure

The Joseph P. Roberson Foundation is a tax exempt, non-profit organization 
under the IRS Tax Code 501(c)(3). Through an annual grant, the JPRF helps fund staff at the 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to support clinical care for families affected by Huntington’s disease.


In 1991, shortly after being diagnosed with Huntington’s disease, Joe formed his foundation aimed at creating an HD clinic at the UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, CA. The need was great as desperate HD families sought expert medical care to help navigate their long, complex journey with HD.

Beginning in 1997, Founding Director Dr. Vicki Wheelock, neurologist and movement disorder specialist, began then enthusiastically expanded her clinic services. In 2001, Dr. Wheelock was awarded the coveted distinction as an HDSA Center of Excellence, the first COE site in N. California. As an active member of the Huntington Study Group (HSG),
Dr. Vicki Wheelock provides patients the opportunity to participate in studies and trials. UC Davis was the first HSG

 in N. California. In addition to caring for adults, Dr. Wheelock's team cares for children with Juvenile HD,
the first JHD clinic in N. California.

There have been so many firsts!

The UC Davis HD Center of Excellence Clinic is one of the largest HD clinics in the US.
Besides neurologists Dr. Vicki Wheelock and Dr. Sasha Duffy, their dynamic team of experts include: a psychiatrist, genetic counselor, social worker, physical therapist and study coordinator. This team approach provides the best care possible for people affected with Huntington’s disease.

The sole mission of the JPRF is to help fund HD specialized clinical care staff at UC Davis. We share the hope that
research provides, but people need help NOW while we're waiting for a therapy or cure. The clinics are where

the research is taking place, so the JPRF funded staff also helps to facilitate research.

Your tax-deductible gift ensures that this dynamic clinic, full of 'firsts', and full of innovative care strategies continues helping families with HD.

The JPRF has no staff or office; we're all volunteers, so 100% of your donation will reach the UC Davis HD clinic.
Thank you for your generous donation!
Tax ID#: 94-3148459

Contributions may also be mailed:
Joseph P. Roberson Foundation

6975 Warbler Way, Sacramento, CA 95831

email:  TJRobclan@aol.com
Tax ID#: 94-3148459


                                                    JPRF Board of Directors Annual Meeting
  Celebrating Dr. Vicki Wheelock's 20th Anniversary as Founding Director, UC Davis Huntington's Disease Clinic.                                                                         Dr. Sasha Duffy, welcomed guest.

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